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Think Yoruba First is here to preserve the interest of everything Yoruba, from history to politics, music, language, culture, and heritage. We Think Yoruba First.


Think Yoruba First

Think Yorùbá First (TYF), was founded in USA in 2021 as a non-profit, tax exempt organisation established to promote & defend interest of Yorùbá people in the world, deepen & expand active relations.

Olorì Àṣàbí

I'm a Frontend Engineer and an Omo Awo from Yoruba Land, West Africa. When I'm not coding, I love reading, listening to music, travelling, writing and meditating. I write for the future ✨


Quack Philosopher

Aare Kurunmi

President Think Yoruba First Organization


Software Engineer | Student of Life

Dr. Bukola

Physician, Cultural ambassador, Conservative, Yoruba


Software Engineer and lover of Geo-Politics